Núm. 9 (2013): Sophia: Educación

Reading skills: a case study of one educative institute under the descriptive research methodology.
Loyalty, satisfaction and academic performance of UASLP-UAMZM students.
Social distribution of the school budget in colombia
Competencies developed by the students of the psychology faculty, universidad de Buenos Aires.
Agents of history: between eccentric and paranoid.



Sophia: Educación

Núm. 8 (2012): Sophia: Educación

Challenges towards the formation of the investigative spirit at Universidad la Gran Colombia - Armenia
Power and resilience: itinerances which enable subjectivation processes in the classroom
Revisiting the teaching practice
Education and its begginnings: a modelation practice and the fomation of consciences: a possible vanishing point before a hopeless social scenario



Vol. 7, Núm. 1 (2011): Sophía: Educación

Convergence between knowledge, context, and perspective of humanity towards the curriculum´s reform at universidad la gran colombia armenia. an experience to share.
Colombia and xxi century education a post modernist school?
Some approaches to the problem of knowledge.
State of reading practices in colombian universities a statistical approach.
The syllogistic reasoning as a basic model of the moral and scientific thinking.

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